11am, Thurs Apr 22nd

Fundamentals of Risk Management for Multi-Academy Trusts

With many Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) now maturing their approach to risk management, this webinar focuses on what the fundamentals of risk management are for a MAT. We’ll focus on the below as well as leaving some time for Q&A.

  • What does an effective risk management process look like
  • Managing risk at trust versus academy level
  • Establishing compliance across the trust
  • Reporting to the academy governing body and the trust board (and relevant committees)
9am, Friday April 30th

Irish Funds - Fintech Factor

We’re presenting at the Irish Funds Fintech Factor webinar series. We’ll be demonstrating how CalQRisk can help those in the fund industry with risk management, compliance and much, much more.

10.30am, Thurs May 13th

Fundamentals of Anti-Money Laundering for Credit Unions (CPD Approved)

We have teamed up with ID-Pal and Corrib Point to organise a CPD approved* one-hour webinar on the Fundamentals of AML for Credit Unions. It will take place on Thurs May 13th @ 10.30am and cover the following topics:

  • AML Risk Assessment – who, what, when, where, and why
  • Controls – how to test your AML controls and evidence that they work
  • ID Verification – rules, regulations, and pitfalls
  • Transaction Monitoring – obligations and challenges

*Approved by CU CPD for 1 hour Ops and 1 hour Gov; LIA approval pending.